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Wire Mesh Cages

Allstore Solutions provide a large and very versatile range of wire mesh cages, certain to cater for most requirements. These cages have 4-way forklift entry access and can be stacked 4 high. The frames fold into the cage, allowing a compact storage solution that folds flat when not in use or for transportation. The cages can be supplied with an optional half-front for simple access, and can also have detachable shelves to suit.

Wire Mesh Cage Overall Size : 1000mm x 1200mm x1000mm
Mesh Size : 65mm x120mm
Safe Load : 1000kg
Weight : 51kg


Overall Size : 1145mm x 1183mm x 1000mm Wire Mesh Cage Blue
Mesh Size : 50mm x 100mm
Safe Load : 1000kg
Weight : 68kg


Wire Mesh Cage Overall Size : 800mm x 1200mm x 1000mm
Mesh Size : 65mm x 120mm
Safe Load : 1000kg
Weight : 46kg
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